Baby in a Pram

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Baby in a PramThis Baby in a Pram cake was made for my god child’s first birthday.  My god child is adorable!!

I used 3 types of icing (1) Color flow for the baby’s head and features (2)  Royal Icing for the daisies (3)  Buttercream for the basket weave, the leaves, the rope and shell borders and to cover the cake (yellow).  The cake itself is a moist chocolate cake.

I had just completed Level 2 of the Wilton course and thus learned how to handle color flow and royal icing.  I found this design in the course book and decided to test how much I’ve learned in that level.Baby in a Pram Closer View

It didn’t really take much time but planning is the key.  I was tempted to apply the  Critical Path Method (CPM).  Color flow takes around 2 days to dry and harden so I had to do that 3 nights before (after drying the face, I had to apply the features and dry that as well).  The royal icing flowers also had to dry so I did all the flowers 2 nights before.  They ended up dry and sturdy on the day of assembly.

Assembling everything was exciting and felt like putting together a puzzle (but one where you knew where each piece fit).  Completing the cake was rewarding and so was the look on the kids faces when the box was opened.  There was hesitation when the cake was about to be cut but, a cake is meant to be cut.  It would not have fulfilled its purpose if it were not…

Quick Bits:  Color flow, Royal and Buttercream Icing

I made the color flow icing from the Wilton color flow mix and used the Wilton recipe. The Color Flow Mix is mainly made of dried egg whites and a whipping agent and Color flow icing is used to make detailed decorations or drawings.  This icing crusts very quickly but it takes a few days to dry so factor this in when planning your decoration.

Royal icing is made from meringue powder (used to replace fresh egg whites), confectioners’ sugar and water.  A number of people use fresh egg whites but I have never tried doing that.  I have used the Wilton recipe for this as well. This icing also crusts quickly and can take several hours to dry.  It dries to a smooth, matte finish.

Most people are familiar with buttercream, of course, which is mainly made from butter/shortening/margarine, confectioner’s sugar and water/milk. I had a blog a few days ago on the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Buttercream Icing recipe which I have used a number of times, but for this cake, I also used the Wilton buttercream recipe. By doing that I knew I would get the consistency i was aiming for for this decoration.


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