Oreo Cupcakes

August 22, 2009 at 5:05 pm Leave a comment

So how did I end up making Oreo Cupcakes?
Oreo Cupcakes

My friend and officemate discovered the Lindt Lindor Limited Edition White Chocolate which is only available a few months every year during spring time.  She went crazy over this chocolate that she emailed Lindt to get more information about it  and they actually sent her a few boxes when it became available this year.  When it no longer becomes available in Dubai, we try to get it for her when we travel to other countries in the Middle East and Europe.

Lindor White Chocolate Limited Edition

So one day, we were talking about cupcakes and I mentioned coming across an Oreo Cupcake recipe but I was not too sure if I would make it or not.  She came up with this idea that the Oreo Cupcake might be the nearest thing to the Lindt White Chocolate she loves so much.  I was looking for a new project and was also curious if it would taste similar to the chocolate so I ended up making the cupcake.

Overall, the cupcake turned out well although I’m not done with this recipe yet.  I will probably try to do a bit more experimentation the next time I make it and I plan to try using a cookies and cream frosting instead of vanilla buttercream.

Did it taste like the Lindt Lindor Limited Edition White Chocolate?  Not really.  I got another suggestion to use Maltesers instead but I am drawing the line here.  I think this is a new excuse to encourage me to make more cupcakes to bring to the office!

Quick Bits:  Oreo Cookie

The Oreo Cookie was developed and produced by Nabisco (USA) in 1912.  The original version consists of two chocolate disks with a creme filling in between.  Today, the Oreo Cookie has different versions (i.e. Double Stuf, Reduced Fat, Peanut Butter Creme, Mini Bite Size, Halloween Orange Creme, Milk Chocolate Covered, etc) and is said to be the biggest selling cookie in the US. You may go to the Nabisco website for nutritional information on the Oreo Cookie.


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