Tiered Wedding Cake with Two-Toned Fondant Roses

August 27, 2009 at 8:18 am 1 comment

Twenty-eight hours of my life! It took me that long to make this cake and that is why wedding cakes are expensive!  I am not kidding!  For those of you who know me as being someone who cannot stand to do the same thing over and over again, I actually managed to control myself and do roses over and over again.  Of course,  it also helped that I had to finish the cake to ensure I get the Wilton Course 3 Certificate, otherwise, my four Saturday afternoons would have been for nought.

The Wilton Course 3 covers Fondant and Tiered Cakes.  You learn how to layer cakes and do more complicated accents and borders and flowers.  For our final cake, we were asked to do tiered cakes and it was left to us to choose our own design, for as long as we have fondant roses in our final cake.  Why do we have to have roses?  It’s because making the fondant rose is sort of your gateway to sugar crafting.  I did not want to do the usual cascade of flowers design and thought that this cake would suit me.  For roses, I prefer blue or yellow.  I thought yellow would be good for a cake and I’ve always been attracted to two toned roses.

Tiered Cake Fondant Roses Top View

Our course instructor kept warning us to manage our time and to plan ahead especially since each rose took 15 minutes.  Well, she was not kidding.  For a newbie like me, the first few roses took 20 minutes and I managed to bring it down to around 12-15 mins for a rose that has fully bloomed.  It was natural progression I think considering I eventually made 60 roses.  Some of it were rosebuds so that took less time.

I also decided that I would use real cakes to cover and decorate rather than use dummy (styrofoam) cakes as I wanted to experience the actual and real problems when I layered the cakes.  Better face the problems now that I can still ask the instructor rather than experience it later on when I have no one to ask.  To achieve the standard American height of not less than 3 inches per layer, I had to make 4 cakes (two for each layer).

We had to do the assembly and the finishing touches in class.  One of the things advised in the class was to assemble your cakes in the venue as an assembled cake is difficult to transport.  Humps on the road are just tiered cake destroyers.  I was thus faced with the problem of transporting my cake home after assembling it in class.  My teacher’s advise — put the cake in front of the front passenger seat, drive at 20 kilometers per hour with your emergency lights on and drive with extreme caution especially when going over humps.  I did try to follow that at first but it will just take me ages to get home so of course, I did not follow my teacher’s advise.  The result… my tiered cake became a tired cake when I got home.

It didn’t really matter in the end as I had already planned to slice up the cake before giving it away and that was just what I did.  Someone suggested to me beforehand to try posting the cake on Souq.com (local equivalent of eBay) just to see if some desperate bride would try to purchase it online but with being occupied in making and putting together the cake for 28 hours, I didn’t really have the time for that.

Quick Bits:  Fondant Icing

Fondant is a smooth, malleable and dough-like icing made of gelatin, sugar (s) and water (among other things).  You can roll it to a uniform thickness to cover cakes (as in the cake above) or use it to make flowers (the roses above) and other cake decorations.  I have never tried making it myself as ready-made fondant is usually available and I hear that it is quite messy to make.  If you are interested in making it yourself, a number of recipes can be found in the web or in cake decorating books, one of which is the Wilton fondant recipe.

Talking about fondant, I was watching an old episode (Season 1) of the TV series “Burn Notice” (Burn Notice is about a spy who got a, guess what? — Burn Notice) last night and in that episode the spy actually highlighted another use for fondant which had nothing to do with cake decorating.  I don’t want to elaborate though.  Hint:  Something to do with something that goes kaboom.


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  • 1. Themyscira  |  September 1, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    “The result… my tiered cake became a tired cake when I got home.” hahaha….beautiful yellow roses, though, some greens would have made it more attractive (that’s my right brain talking)…wonder how the cake tasted…


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