Baby Shower Teddy Bear

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It is not my intention to own all kinds of novelty pans.  I don’t see the sense in having a single purpose pan so I generally use the traditional pans.  In the past, I only had one novelty pan which I use often enough not just for cakes but also for gelatin.

I was asked to make a cake for my officemate’s baby shower and I wanted to do a baby or a bear cake.  I initially thought of shaping a baby or a bear myself (that sounded weird) from a rectangular pan but was not really in the mood for that.

I ended up getting a Wilton Teddy Bear pan which I can use as a bear, a baby (be sure to remove the ears though!), Count Dracula or a mummy for Halloween, Santa for Christmas and other humanoid types of beings.  I ended up doing this — a teddy bear in a diaper on a blanket made of fondant.  For the ruffles around the blanket, I added a bit of Gum-Tex to the fondant.

Just a note — When cutting the cake, best to start serving from the lower portion of the cake to the upper portion.  It just gets morbid cutting the cake from the top and having a headless bear midway.  Alternatively, you can cut from one side to the other.

My officemate is vegan so I had to look for an egg-free or egg-less recipe and found an “Egg-Free Dairy-Free and Nut-Free” recipe from the web. I did a taste test a few days before the baby shower to get feedback on the cupcake and all 8 of my “taste testers” liked it. It was very moist and they could not even tell that it had no egg.

Quick Bits:  Fondant with Gum-Tex

Gum-Tex makes the fondant stretchable and pliable and makes it harden faster/quicker.

Quick Bits:  Baby Showers

I can’t seem to find a definitive origin of baby showers.  Early history and various civilizations seem to have records of celebration of birth with family and friends showering the baby with gifts which are mostly hand made.  What seemed consistent though is that before World War II, baby showers were mainly attended by women and held after the baby is born.  After the war, it became more of a unisex event and held on average a month before birth.  Gifts could be for the expectant mom but usually for the baby which can be in the form of clothing and accessories, gold ornaments or silver utensils.  Baby showers differ from country to country and between social strata.  The bottom line is that baby showers are a celebration of life and an event where the joy and happiness of expectancy is celebrated.


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