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Christmas 3D Cuddly Bear

This is my first attempt at a 3-Dimensional cake.  The baking pan is the Wilton Stand-Up Cuddly Bear Pan Set.  You need to use a firm cake recipe and follow the cooling instructions included in the pan set to ensure that the cake or the form of the cake holds.  I used a Wedding Cake recipe for this cake.

It’s a bit early for a Christmas themed cake but my friend was hosting a Ginger Bread House Making party before all our other friends left for the various holidays so this cake fitted the occasion.


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Fairy (Tinkerbell) Cake and Cupcakes

I made this cake and cupcake set for the first birthday of my friend’s daughter.  She is a lovely little girl!

The cake is frosted with buttercream icing sprayed with blue and violet food color to get an uneven effect.  The flowers are made with royal icing which you should do in advance to ensure that they are dry by the time you use them.  The leaves are made with buttercream icing.  The Tinkerbell topper is something you can get from Wilton easily.  The stars on the wires are also made from royal icing.

I am still on my quest for the ultimate vanilla cupcake recipe so for the cupcakes I decided to try Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake recipe. Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake recipe is a recipe from Billy Reece, owner of Billy’s Bakery in New York City. Billy was invited to appear in Martha Stewart’s show following great reviews for his cupcakes by Martha’s staff who were tasked to taste test cupcakes around the city. The video of the episode is available in Martha’s website. In the Martha Stewart Newsletter article “New York’s Best Cupcakes”, the top 4 cupcakes are from (1) Billy’s Bakery (2) Magnolia Bakery (3) BabyCakes (4) Cupcake Cafe.

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