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Raspberry Trifle with White Chocolate and Almonds

A number of our friends were away during the holidays so we invited everyone over for dinner at our house early January when everyone was back.  Our Christmas decorations were still hanging, my husband was trying out a Peking Duck recipe and I wanted to do a dessert with something red on it.  Love this dessert and it also happens to be the favorite of a number of our guests who were coming over for dinner.


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M&M’s Christmas Tree Cake

I had already sketched a design for a Snowman Christmas Cake to take to a a Christmas lunch we were attending, unfortunately, something came up on Christmas Eve and I had to scramble on Christmas morning to decorate the cake.  I realized I had Christmas M&Ms in the pantry and some Wilton Christmas sprinkles and ended up with an M&Ms Christmas Tree cake instead.  Not exactly what I planned but I guess  it still looked very “Christmassy”.  Also had great fun putting the candy and the sprinkles together!!

Quick Bits:  M&M’s

M&M’s have been around since 1941.  They are produced by Mars Incorporated and originated from the USA but are now sold all over the globe.  They are round/button-shaped candy shells with an M printed on one side and have a variety of fillings such as milk chocolate (the most common), dark chocolate, peanut, almond (my favorite), among others. They come in a lot of bright colors and during the Christmas season, I always look forward to the Christmas edition where they come in red, green & dark green. They also have white M&M’s during Christmas printed with holiday greetings on one side.

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Christmas Black Forest Cake

A Christmas version of the Black Forest Cake.  I used Christmas jimmies to decorate the cake instead of chocolate curls.

This is a standard Black Forest Cake recipe which I am still tweaking.  Not a dessert for the kids though due to the alcohol content, so had to watch that those little fingers didn’t swipe the whipped cream frosting.

Quick Bits:  Origin of the Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest Cake is the english name for the German Dessert Schwarzwälderkirschtorte.  It is a cake made up of layers of chocolate cake with Kirsch or Kirschwasser  with whipped cream and cherries in between.  It is frosted in whipped cream with shaved chocolate on top.  The origin of this cake is unknown.  Some say it dates back to the 16th century while others claimed to have invented the cake in the 1900’s.  What is common though is that the cake is believed to have originated from Black Forest Region (Der Schwarzwald in German).  This region is well known for its cherries and Kirschwasser.  Kirschwasser is a distilled clear brandy made most commonly from Morello cherries.

Sources:  What’s Cooking America?,

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